57 Rescue

Statement of Intent

6178 Halifaxes were built, including the two prototypes. Post war, all were scrapped. The existing examples are the result of dedicated enthusiasts coming together to restore crash site wrecks and scrapped parts to their former glory.

There are currently 4 exisiting examples of the type on display in museums and under restoration. They are: W1048, former 35 SQN. early mark Halifax, displayed at RAF Hendon Museum as a wreck. PN323, nose section displayed at the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth as a walk though exhibit showing cockpit instrumentation and forward crew positions. LV907, 'Friday the Thirteenth', the Yorkshire Air Museum's complex composite replica Halifax. NA337, currently under restoration by the Halifax Aircraft Association at Canadian Forces Base, Trenton.

57 RESCUE is dedicated to preserving the life and times of the Handley-Page Halifax aircraft.

To this end we provide:

Support to restoration projects Information regarding individual aircraft, and sometimes crew, for family and relatives of former Halifax aircrew. We maintain a photographic database of the Halifax in tandem with our other files.

57 RESCUE is actively involved in tracing, recording, and auditing crash sites for useable parts and artefacts. We are a voluntary organisation run on Good Will, and we are non-profit making. Strong links with the Military gives us scope for planning large scale recoveries, and dictates that we work within the 1986 Protection of Military Remains Act. We publish a regular newsletter for our members, and attend airshows with our exhibition stand. From time to time we give presentations to various bodies, and organise events for the membership.

Help us to keep the torch burning!