Welcome to Halifax territory!

These pages are dedicated to the preservation of the Handley-Page Halifax. Of the 6,178 four- engined heavy bombers built during the Second World War, all were scrapped. Now, only three incomplete specimens remain

Halifax Survivors

The Imperial War Museum display a nose section as a walk through exhibit, this is all that is left of Halifax PN323.

W1048 'S for Sugar' is displayed as a wreck at the RAF Hendon museum.
57 Rescue has exclusive photographs of the 1973 recovery.  Courtesy of Chris Dance .

'Friday the 13th', a complex composite Halifax, has pride of place at the Yorkshire Air Museum.

The most complete and authentic, so far is NA337 at the The National Air Force Museum of Canada.

Halifax Bomber

You may find the ambience of our site a little different to those of our fellow W.W.II aviation nuts, as we try to perpetuate the camaraderie and humour of the times.

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